“Treat Everything Like a Gift, and You Will Always Have Presence.” – Timothy Teruo Watters

What a Gift it is to be Shown How You Feel.

How miraculous is it to have your reality (your circumstances) be a reflection of how you feel?  And that this is true for every person?  Mind-bogglingly miraculous.

If you are open to this possibility and begin to cultivate this (it does require constant and consistent practice), then life will being to lose its emotional charge.  Like attracts like.  Your energy will attract situations, people and circumstances in your life as a reflection of your energy.  When you hold anger, you will attract situations, people and circumstances as a reflection of your anger.  Same for peace; same for depression; same for joy.  Your reality is a miraculous barometer just for you.  If you are open to this, you will begin to see that these situations, people and circumstances are not creating anything, they are simply reflecting what you are putting out; thus, how can you judge and complain?  If you judge and complain, you are only judging and complaining about yourself–you are keeping the emotional charge alive.  Patience, discipline and will are required to take a step back and look at the big picture.  It takes practice and effort to not get lost in the anger.  It takes vulnerability and responsibility to understand that some person or circumstance did not cause your anger.  It takes courage and strength to look into yourself to see what you are holding and what is lying in your subconscious mind (and I mean both meanings of the lying).

Life only responds to your thoughts, actions and intentions.  When you keep repeating the same people, circumstance and situations, that is not life, that is you.  I went in circles for many years of my life (and not happy ones!).  There is a way out and it has been with you every second of every day.

I do not remember where I read this or who to attribute this to, but I remember reading a quote that stated, “You will be the greatest masterpiece you ever work on.”  You are a masterpiece; masterpieces require attention, skill, hard work, dedication and commitment.  What is greater than working on yourself?  We must have inner peace, before we have world peace.