Artist & Author

Expressive Artwork (Oils, Watercolors, Digital, Books) Borne from Eastern Philosophy, Mysticism, Impressionism and Ukiyo-e, with Comparisons to Stained Glass.

Timothy Teruo Watters is an artist, author and graphic designer.  Whether writing adventurous tales, watercoloring or painting in oils, Timothy is always creating and blending the old with the new.  His first children’s book When Piglets Fly was published this year and is available on Amazon.com. Timothy Teruo Watters is Available for Commissions.

Did cows just make milk? Did roosters just crow? Was Artie supposed to be just a pig?

Day after day, a bored Artie found little interest in eating and sleeping like a pig, much to Mother’s dismay. Night after night, an imaginative Artie sat beneath the great oak tree staring up at the twinkling sky, marveling, wondering and searching.

Suddenly, a shooting star blazed across the sky. WHERE DID IT GO? And why? Artie had to find out!

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